Friends with God

Psalm 25:14 new living translation reads: Friendship is reserved for those who fear him, with them he shares the secret of his covenant

  • Can someone truly be a friend of God?
  • What is a true friend?
  • How do you become friends with God?
  • What can you expect from friendship with God?

The term ” Friendship ” is thrown around loosely today, if we have met someone at our workplace, at our church, if we have had lunch or dinner once with another couple.. you will hear people say.. we spent the day with our friends, or he / she is my friend from ….. ” fill in the blank ”

Yet most of our so called Friendships are not friendships, they are mere aquantencies, we might have learnt a thing or too about them.. but we dont truly know them.

How does this all apply to God and Us? Well lets start with anyone who hasn’t yet accepted what Jesus Christ has done for them, then we will look at how it applies to people who have accepted Jesus

Before you can learn and experience what Friendship is with God, you need to be reconciled with God.

In simple terms this means you need to understand, acknowledge and confess that Sin seperates you from God right now and that the only way to no longer be seperated is by understanding, acknowledge that Jesus Christ stood in the gap for you, by taking upon himself your sin when he died on the cross and rose again, so that you might be able to receive forgiveness when you ask for it. Believe and Call Upon His Name.

It means speaking to Jesus right now and asking him to forgive you for your sin, asking him to come into your life and be savior, lord..everything. It then requires you to actively learn what are Gods ways, what is Gods best for your life and then turning away from anything which doesn’t please him and it means committing yourself and making a choice everyday to live the way God wants you to live.

Take a moment right now, and do that. It doesn’t matter where you are, you dont have to close your eyes, or put your hands together, unless of course you want too. What is important is being real with Jesus, among all the noise of this life and everything that possibly could tell you that this is stupid, he hears you, sees you and is waiting for you to speak to him, he’s already shown how much he loves you through the cross, now its time to repond to him for what he’s done for you.

If you have, just accepted Jesus Christ into your life right now. If you have Confessed your sin.. you have now began an incredible journey towards knowing God as a friend, a father, a king, a saviour and so much more… and I want to be the first to say… weldone.

What is a Friend?

The dictionary tells us that is:

  • A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts.
  • A person whom one knows; an acquaintance.
  • A person with whom one is allied in a struggle or cause; a comrade.
  • One who supports, sympathizes with, or patronizes a group, cause, or movement: friends of the clean air movement

The only parts of that above definition which I would class as more accurate is, the part which says ” A Person Whom One knows “, ” Trusts ” and here is why I say that. You see according to God, this is what he classes a friend.

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Empowering Belief Systems

Every person has belief systems which have been formed from an early age. Many of them are so deeply part of us, that we would be hard pressed to recognize them. They either empower and assist you, or they do the complete opposite.
Some of these beliefs have got locked into us at an early age through what we have been been taught by our parents, teachers and so on . While many are there to protect and guide us such as
– Dont touch that, you will get hurt
– Dont steal you will get in trouble
– Dont drink that
– Stay in school
There are many others that don’t serve us, and we have on a unconscious level adopted them at a early age through things we have seen and heard, we then have stored them inside us a bit like a software program, which later on jumps into action whenever any circumstances in our life are similar to the event which formed the belief in the first place.
Some non serving beliefs:
– Its wrong to have too much money
– It’s not my place to speak up
– I don’t trust anyone
– People don’t accept me
– I can’t stop worrying
– I will always be overweight
– I Can’t Relax I must be doing
– Everything must be perfect
– I must be in control
– I can’t control myself
– There is never enough money
– I’m not beautiful
– There is never enough time
– I must fight to be heard
– I’m not valuable
– Sex is dirty
– I never finish what I start
– I’m not comfortable with nice things
– I cant win
– I am always last
– I don’t deserve to have, be or do..
The list goes on and on..
There are ones above that you might say to yourself ” I don’t have a problem with that, I don’t have that belief ” yet when the rubber hits the road, your choices and actions are a better reflection and indicator of what you truly believe
Does it Matter?
It depends where you are at in your life. If you are sincerely happy with the quality of your life, with your current situation and no one is being harmed emotionally or physically through the choices and actions you take then its very possible it doesn’t matter.
If you are questioning or being questioned as to why you keep saying, and doing things which give you anything less than the daily feeling of peace, joy and happiness then it is time to become a loving detective of your beliefs
Everything that we say and do has behind it a belief.
Pulling Back the Curtain
In the classic movie ” The Wizard of OZ ” we see a prime example of a false belief. At the heart of the Emerald City was the Wizard of Oz, everyone was in awe and fear from what they believed was ” The Great Oz “, this all knowing being. Everyone can remember the moment, Toto the dog pulled back the curtain to reveal a little old man operating a machine. He immediately trys to pull the curtain back and continue to stay in the role, yet he has been found out. Once found out he has nothing left to do but take a vacation.. and off he floats in the balloon.
Loving Detective
When a false belief in yourself is uncovered, it may very well try to cover itself back up under the premise of not being a false belief, but closer examination and questioning reveals it for what it is, and at that point we can choose to let it go, we don’t have to fight it or attempt to get rid of it, we just have to uncover it and see it for what it really is… and it too will leave.
It’s time to pull back the curtain, take a closer look at the things we say and do, and the things we belief
There are numerous ways to go at uncovering false believe
1. Questioning ourselves with questions like
What do I Believe?
Do I believe it?
Why do I Believe it?
Doing this we slowly are peeling away at the layers that make up that belief and many times, once the layers have been removed, there is nothing left to sustain that belief which is acting like software in your brain.
2. Having a Mentor a Coach, someone who can question us – Finding someone who we can trust who can see what we cant see, Sometimes we can feel like a fish in a fish bowl unable to see our own beliefs because we are in them. Having someone that is on the outside looking in many times can provide greater insight into what is going on, from there you can be able to see the variety of choices you have to be and do things differently.

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