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  • Love and Seek Christian Dating Site

    Today I was browsing around to see if their were any new christian matchmaking services and I came across a new one called Love and Seek. They say their mission is to make a simple and fun atmosphere for singles around the world to
    meet. Whether it is for a long term relationship or just pen pals, is the cool place to meet.

    It looks like they have been going since 11 december 2001 according to the whois of their website. But that just means the domain was purchased then.. They might not have set up shop in till recently.

    Now it’s not hard to start a christian singles website but gaining a solid membership of people is. You have to start with some people to get others to join.So it will be interesting to see how many they have in their database.

    Anyway, they provide 2 options immediately

    1. Browse for Free
    2. Sign up

    Browse for FREE

    You have to provide a username, pass and your country, next you fill out a small profile form which includes, your gender, birth, hair color, height, ethnicity, general build, martial status, number of children, denomination, smoking preference, postal code, email address and confirm email. You agree to the terns and click next and you are In.

    Welcome Message

    You get a welcome message and 3 fields which you should fill out , basically field 1 asks you

    Where is the best place to go on a date? (Hints: Favorite activities/restaurants/places/Music/Movies.)

    Field 2 says

    What are you looking for in a partner? (Hints: Assertive/Submissive, Qualities, Looking for Long/Short Term Relationship.)

    Field 3 says

    I’d just like to add… (Hints: Favorite activities/restaurants/places/Music/Movies. Importance of Kids/Pets/Fitness/Hobby

    Once that is filled out, You can then upload a Photo, which is nice really as many other dating sites wont let you do this in till you have signed up. so that is a definate pro of this site.  you can skip this part though however.

    Inside the Membership Area

    homesiteImmediately when you log in you can see pictures of new people who have signed up and on the right hand side is a slide




    Upgrade now Special Deal - usually they join rates are

    Monthly – $19.95
    Six Months – $99.95
    Twelve Months – $189.95

    But if you sign up for the FREE version, they offer you immediately when you get in  an incentive to sign up there and then buy paying only

    Monthly $9.95
    Six Months $6.95
    Twelve is the same.

    So,… now you know its good to sign up for free check it out and sign up once in to get the cheaper rates.

    Payment Options

    You can pay by credit card, mail in order, western union. THey accept
    Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex

    Options – Navigation

    They have a very simple and easy navigation which is nice. You cannot use CHAT in the FREE version.. you have to pay.. ( I thought this wasn’t good ) at Big church you can chat even in the free version

    You can’t check to see whos bookmarked you in the free but youc an check to see whos viewed you.


    You can do searches by username or more extensive searches or you can use their photo slideshow.

    You can add audio, video and pictures into your account.

    Pros - Price is good and its free to browse pictures
    Cons - You cant use the chat in the free version.

    Contact Information
    Zencon Technologies
    PMB #417
    1080 E. Pecos Rd, Suite 18
    Chandler, AZ 85225-2426 USA
    Ph: 602.532.7884

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    1. Joseph Says:


      Zencon Technologies



      I have got signed-up with from India and wish
      to have a monthly plan $9.95.
      But I dont posses credit card.
      Since I have only Debit-Card, Can I make payment through debit card.
      if not please guide me any other option of payment.
      How can we get mail-in-order form and from india how to apply

      Thanking you

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